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Sat 05 Oct 2019 01:53:47 PM EDT

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Click on the image for some music. All my articles, as I move them to GitHub, are now published here:


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For ZIP DOWNLOADS to my programming books of old, plus other files, they have moved — To GitHub repositories:

This site is in construction (obviously), so kind of messy right now. YouTube video links below. Explore. Thanks for visiting!


Tue 01 Oct 2019 ??:??:?? ?? EDT

Dear Friends and Fans,

Being safe online is one of my top priorities. And so, I am moving all of my ZIP, PDF, and other files to GitHub-hosted repositories for safer keeping and to improve download security.

As always, all of my downloads are free! If you care to make a donation, however, thank you for helping me to keep on writing, exploring, and sharing!


I’m Soaring Into the Cloud!

Well, my files are anyway. If you are looking for them, they are not here — we (my files and me) are moving to GitHub. Check out the first entry below. If you dig deep enough, you’ll find a complete publishing platform for small articles, stories, etc., all in AsciiDoc markup!

Here’s a sample:

And here’s the COMPLETE GitHub source repository that builds the article web site using Asciidoctor, and I mean complete:


Please also visit my YouTube channel where you’ll find a mix of programming tutorials (coming soon!) plus some of my amateur musical efforts. To get in touch, please write to me at tom@tomswan.com. Good luck!

Greensleeves for Classical Guitar


Wind (Barry Galbraith Comping)


You Stepped Out of a Dream (Galbraith Dream)


Great Beginner Guitar Song — Star of the County Down (FULL LESSON)


Minor Blues (Barry Galbraith Comping example)


Freight Train using Travis finger-picking style on a classical guitar


Etude #6 by Leo Brouwer for classical guitar


Etude #1 by Leo Brouwer for classical guitar


In Your Own Sweet Way Lesson


In Your Own Sweet Way for Classical Guitar


Hot Guitar Warm Ups Lesson


County Down Looper Pedal Performance


How to Change Classical Guitar Strings



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