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I'm happy to announce that my first book, Programmer's Guide to the 1802, originally published in 1981, is now available in PDF eBook format. Click on Store at left to order your copy of my reference and tutorial to the 1802 microprocessor.

I continue to work on this web site, and I have many plans in the works. I will soon make available listings for many of my books, so please come back soon!
-- Tom Swan
Tom Swan's Programmer's Guide to the 1802, long out of print, is now available in PDF format (download only). Your receive two separate copies of the book: a cover-to-cover facsimile of the original book, plus a converted OCR text-searchable version of the same book. Originally published in 1981, Tom's book has become a collector's item, selling online for many times its original cost, often to hobbyists and 1802 enthusiasts who are keeping this versatile microprocessor alive and in daily use. ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!

Compared to today's exotic processors, the 1802 might seem to be hopelessly outdated. It remains, however, one of the easiest devices to integrate into electronic products, and it is also straight forward and relatively easy to program (as the book, of course, explains in detail). Tom's book includes tutorials on binary numbers, logic operations, plus information about writing code in assembly language -- also called machine code or machine language, the language the processor itself understands.  Also included is a full subroutine library, a complete 1802 instruction reference, and the code for an 1802 assembler that can translate between machine code and assembly language instructions.